General Dentistry

tools.jpgService we provide includes:

  • Routine Dental Examination
  • Dental emergency and relief of pain
  • Amalgam (silver filling) replacement
  • Gum disease management
  • Dental hygiene service
  • Tooth colour fillings
  • Treatment though insurance, ACC or Income Support (WINZ)

Our team of professionals believes that every patient should be offered the highest quality dental care with technologically advanced equipments in a comfortable environment. We are committed to offer personalised care that is consistent with patient’s dental needs and value. We welcome patient’s input to help developing a comprehensive but individualised long term plan for their teeth. With patient, together as a team, we completed dental work that is maximised for comfort, function, health and aesthetics. This comprehensive approach may sometimes involved specialists of various disciplines in dentistry and required regular follow-up and maintenance after your treatment is completed. Our goal is simply to help our patients retain their teeth all of their lives if possible, and to accomplish this appropriately.